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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The creation of something new only occurs once we express and release the old.

Today I woke feeling really out of whack. My usual strategies for re-alignment worked only temporarily.

I was pushing for answers, pushing for things to happen, asking for guidance, when I heard “surrender to it”. I tuned into my inner world and waited.

This wanted to come through me. This expression of colour and flow and femininity. Emotions on a page. No agenda, no plan, just a moving meditation of pastels while I sang, and breathed, and became present.

I shared it with two friends. One of them saw a wave in a womb. I agree. The earth is to the right.

The wave sweeps through, clearing and cleansing the space for the next dream to be birthed and offered up; the ebb and flow of life within needs to be honoured, just as we respect the swelling and receding ocean tides.

What wants to come through you tonight?

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